GWMS Tuition Worksheet and Contract

Tuition Rate $15,000
Tuition is an annual amount for the entire school year.


Please select one of the following 2 schedule options:

Section 1: Reduced-Rate Tuition Worksheet

Q1: What documents are needed to find income information? Please refer to your most recent tax information (1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ).

Q2: What if we did not file for federal taxes in the last tax year? If it is because you simply have not filed yet, then file with the IRS before completing this worksheet. If it is because your family’s income is below the amount that requires reporting, then your child’s tuition rate is $500 per month. You do not need to complete the Reduced-Scale Tuition Worksheet below.

Q3: Whose income matters for calculating my Family’s Total Income? We hope that you include income information for all adults who are an active parent/guardian for the child. At the very least, you must report for the person (or couple) who can claim this child as their dependent.

Q4: What time frame matters for deciding which guardian(s) need to be included? Unless there was a significant life change in the year since you last filed your return, please use your family situation for the most recent tax year.

Q5: What line in the IRS form represents my income? Income information can be found on different lines on tax forms. This figure represents the filer’s total income before making deductions or adjustments.

Q6: What should be considered as Additional Income? Examples include but are not limited to: child support, gifts, support from friends and relatives, trusts in child’s name, additional government or community support, and social security benefits for education.

Q7: Where on the IRS form do I find my total number of dependents claimed? If you are reporting the income of more than one person, then you can claim the dependents for both people (no dependent should be counted twice). If your child was born in the current tax year and you will claim them on the upcoming tax return, you can count them.

Whose income are you reporting (see Q3 and Q4 above)

The Annual Tuition Rate for is: